Anjay, The Great 1
Anjay, The Great 1

I over embellish simple phrases and use unorthodox unnecessary words.

My ambition exceeds my opportunities, chasing my dreams and making them into reality in pursuit of having my vision of a so called "good life".One thing is for sure I won't compromise my standards to suit anyone else's.

Instagram: anjaythegreat


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Back at it 💪❤️🐯
Anonymous: Why did you delete your Instagram? You posted on a regular basis, jw because I miss your fitness motivation.

Awww I’m sorry. No reason I just felt like I wanted to

Anonymous: How long have you been training now?

Just about a little over a year.

fuckenrick: Heeeey Anjaaaaaaay. Haven't see you for a while. What's good?

Heyyyyy!!!! I know. I’ve been Mia lol I’m great and yourself?

Anonymous: Did u delete your ig? I can't find you! :(

Yes I did

Anonymous: Your body's incredible I'm so jelly and your progress is amazing. It looks like you were somewhat muscular before you started working out did you so any sports or anything then? Also do you think you could post your intake someday? Have a good day! :)

Yeah back in highschool I did a bunch of sports. Basketball, tennis, dance, track 😁

b0bfosse: I just saw your legs before/after picture and it gives me hope to stop being lazy and do something about my own legs! It's amazing how much you can accomplish in a year! :3

Awwww :) this made my day! Thank you

Anonymous: Slacken on your pic game

Yeah I know :/

ohsotony: Make a YouTube channel already tiger <3

Haha I look so crazy on recorded camera, I don’t think id be able to stop laughing. Lol